“Goose” your Spa Marketing Efforts

We continually get calls from potential spa clients that are all looking for the same thing—“please help me grow my business, quick!”

If I had a quarter for every time I heard that, I could almost pay our office rent.

There are many strategies available for growing a business. Some are more immediate and predictive than others. PR and advertising are great but they do take some time to get up and running before they yield a return so when I hear a client ask for an immediate return, I wonder what kind of goose they have. Yep. You heard me right.

I ask the same question each time, “do you have a database with the emails of your current and past customers?”

“Yes,” is the typical reply. “What have you done with it?” I ask.

“Not really anything besides mailing an occasional coupon,” is the standard response.
“Ahh. So you’re the type of business that wants to have a relationship with your customer while their standing at the cash register with their wallet open but after that it’s over?” You can guess their answer–because it’s probably a lot like yours.

On average, the spas we’re helping have approximately 5,000+ email addresses in their database. Let’s be clear. That database is your goose that laid the golden egg.

So at this point, our prospect’s goose is mortified, under nourished and considering moving to another business; one that loves and cares for golden egg laying geese.

So I explain, “that client database you have. It’s filled with names that have successfully passed through the first hurdle in your marketing effort—Awareness. They’re the ones who have already selected to do business with you out of the myriad of other choices. They are your first and best opportunity at fast revenue” Unlike PR and advertising, where there will be some level of a gamble depending on your story and budget, database marketing, CRM and social media activities will deliver a predictable and faster result.

Now here’s the big idea!

Why don’t you light up that database with a marketing effort that transitions your old clients and prospects from a quiet and solitary database to a social media platform, where they can help you grow your business by competing for monthly prizes all while promoting your brand to their friends and family.

Here’s how it works:

Develop an HTML email that reintroduces your brand and offering to your database list. Hit them with a compelling unique value proposition that is powerful and relevant. Invite them to join your Facebook page where just by being a “fan” they are eligible to win monthly free treatments (Incentives are critical for action).

After you begin to apply the status update strategy that I discussed in my last post, you’ll soon have the opportunity to access thousands of potential prospects all with the power of a recommendation from a close and trusted friend.

So here’s some math. There are 5000 names in your database. At least 1000 of them are dead as a doornail by now as people quit their email addresses faster than a job at a fast food restaurant. Let’s say that 3000 actually take you up on your offer (everyone wants something for free you know) and they join your Facebook page. Since each Facebook user on average has 140 friends. That means that your status updates will now have the opportunity to reach approximately 420,000 prospects. That’s called leverage. Now, you just need to learn how to strategically manage status updates.

So, go find your goose. Give it a hug and maybe some water and go grow your business.

And as always, if we can help you in any fashion, please feel free to reach out to us.

Posted on February 11, 2014 in Marketing and PR for Beauty, health and wellness brands

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