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92% of affluent consumers made online purchase in Q4 of 2013

92pc of affluent consumers made online purchase in Q4 of 2013: report By Joe McCarthy April 17, 2014 Harrods Digital Style Summit Affluent consumers were 73 percent more likely than non-affluent consumers to make a purchase on luxury brand retail Web sites during the fourth quarter of 2013, according to a new index by Martini Media.…

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How Real Women Would Actually Respond to a Dove ‘Experiment’

How Real Women Would Actually Respond to a Dove ‘Experiment’ ‘I don’t think I look like a zoo animal’ ByDavid Griner April 22, 2014, 9:34 AM EDT 2.5k 388 138 4 0 7Email Print   Every time Dove launches a new effort to remind women they’re beautiful, the brand seems to pause first to also remind women how…

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Where are luxury brands going wrong online?

The recent Harvey Nichois site redesign received some criticism for its perceived lack of a luxury feel, and its ‘middle of the road’ look.  It seems that luxury brands and retailers are to be judged by slightly higher standards than more ‘mass market’ businesses, so how do they handle this? In a two part post, I’ll look…

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“Goose” your Spa Marketing Efforts

We continually get calls from potential spa clients that are all looking for the same thing—“please help me grow my business, quick!” If I had a quarter for every time I heard that, I could almost pay our office rent. There are many strategies available for growing a business. Some are more immediate and predictive…

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What’s in a name?

Do you really know who your customers are? That customer database that you’ve been developing over the years can be an amazing asset. But, if you’re like most smaller businesses, you probably have a customer name, an email address and maybe if you’re lucky some additional details like home address, products and services purchased, etc.…

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How to use Social Media for Beauty, Health and Wellness brands

  Growing your social media presence takes care and feeding   Congratulations! You’ve officially jumped on the social media bandwagon. Much like the internet craze during the dot com days where companies had no idea what the internet was, but they knew their business needed to be on it, the social media craze feels the same…

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